Tuesday 4 September 2012

Trafford Heritage Society Heritage Open Day in Sale. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a day of heritage in Sale this weekend ! On Sunday (9th Sept), Sale Town Hall will be open from 11am to 4pm, in celebration of national Heritage Open Day. The organisers are Sale Civic Society, the registrars, Waterside Arts Centre, Local Studies, local councilors, and Cofely. The history of many local government facilities and services will be illustrated in a number of events and displays. There will be a children’s trail quiz, and refreshments will be available in the Gallery Bar and the Lauriston Gallery.
Walkden Gardens 3rd August 2012 Will Shakespeare celebrated his 454th birthday this year, and one of many fitting tributes to the great man was presented by Folksy Theatre in Walkden Gardens. The touring company, which is engaged in a punishing schedule of appearances, gave an excellent, one night only, performance of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ in the gardens on Friday evening 3rd August. The principal players were outstanding, particularly Beatrice and Benedick, whose verbal sparring raised a constant stream of laughter from the audience. It’s not only that this talented company gave a performance of a four hundred years old play with a freshness as if it was written yesterday, but also that they conjured a delightful entertainment with a few props and some music, in what is essentially a garden. This kind of performance has of course some advantages over the more formal stage. Benedick, struggling to find a new voice as a lover, a role into which he was unexpectedly pushed, began one scene at the very back of the audience and made his way quite slowly towards the front, picking his way between the deckchairs and picnics, seeking sympathy and inspiration from any playgoer who might offer help. Don John, the ‘baddy,’ was denied the same sympathy and booed for his pains; and quite properly too. A bit of pantomime is never out-of-place in a performance of Shakespeare. Dogberry the Constable was creatively portrayed with the help of a glove puppet which looked suspiciously like Basil Brush. And when Claudio was finally reconciled with Hero, the ‘aaaw!’ factor was palpable. The rain kept away and the evening was warm. What fortunate times we live in, and how lucky are we to be able to enjoy a great piece of theatre in such a lovely setting. Thank you, Friends of Walkden Gardens and Happy Birthday Will ! Wilfred Darlington