Sunday 31 January 2010

Political parties back our campaign

We are delighted to announce that the Labour party has objected to the current planning application for 85 Broad Road. In addition, the Labour party has told us of their ongoing concern for the deteriorating condition of the property that they have voiced for some time now.

We are also delighted to have support for our campaign from the Conservative party, who have told us that they do not support the building of flats on 85 Broad Road. They also told us they will support residents in “opposing unreasonable developments”.

With support from two major political parties, it is hoped our campaign will have the success it deserves.

"...The Labour Councillors for Priory Ward have been concerned about the deteriorating state of this house for some time. However, we have objected to the current planning application as the proposed development is far too large for the site, will cause a loss of privacy and amenity for neighbours and may set a precedent for further developments which will change the character of this area..."
Councillor Barry Brotherton, Labour

"...Wythenshawe & Sale East Conservatives do support the residents in opposing unreasonable developments and we would not be in favour of building a block of flats on the site at 85 Broad Road..."
Wythenshawe & Sale East Conservative spokesperson, Marie Raynor

Thursday 28 January 2010

Time to let the people speak (85 Broad Road)

"...The impact of the street parking would be significant..."

Gary Hinds

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Petition time

Dear Friends,

Petition time

We need your help!
We started a petition for 85 Broad Road. There are proposals at the council to demolish the house that is there at present and to build 13 bed apartments* with 9 parking spaces*. We’re objecting to this on the following grounds:

1. The destruction of an aesthetically pleasing house to build 13 apartments* will not enhance the area

2. The site is not large enough to accommodate sufficient parking for 13 apartments* and their visitors

3. This development would cause more congestion to an area that is already problematic in rush hour times.

4. The site is in a peaceful area with family houses nearby; a 13 bed apartment* would not suit the profile of the area

5. Family accommodation is needed in Sale, not yet more flats

6. 13 apartments will not complement the surrounding amenities, such as a school, as these apartments will not be suitable for families

7. We wish to preserve houses, particularly those over 100 years old

So far, there are petitions at:

Hugalls Chemists, Sale Moor

Taylors Butchers, Sale Moor

Petrol station, Sale Moor

PLEASE could you go to one of these shops and sign the petition?

There are also leaflets outlining how to object to the proposals are in the Sandwich Box, Café Moorish and Claire Haggerty Optometrist.

Thanks in advance

THS Campaign Team

Please note, it is in fact a block of 14 single and two bed apartments with 7 car parking spaces plus two disabled spaces. The developer lists it as 13 apartments (plus one) and 9 parking spaces, presumably to make it look less daunting.

Monday 25 January 2010

Time to let the people speak (85 Broad Road)

"...I'm worried about access to the rear entrance - it will cause a severe blockage..."

Helen Counsell

Monday 18 January 2010

Derelict Property at 85 Broad Road

There has been a recent planning application for 85 Broad Road to be demolished and replaced with a large modern block of 14 apartments and ONLY 9 parking spaces. If you have not already done so please write to the Head of Planning and object. We have listed some reasons below to assist with your letters.

* No justification to demolish a perfectly good family home in favour of flats.
* Allowing flats here will encourage other developers to demolish houses of character in the area for similar purposes
* The proposed structure with 14 apartments on this plot is too large and would be over dominant from every angle.
* Surrounding properties would be significantly overlooked.
* Safety is a key issue - this would be opposite Moorlands Junior School, on a busy crossroads. This will seriously affect the safety of children going to and from school.
* Moving the access to the property from Broad Road to Temple Road has only moved the problem. The entrance would be opposite the School and at peak times will cause significant problems.
* The entrance would run adjacent to a family home which would cause noise and disturbance previously not experienced.
* Parking allocation is insufficient – 7 + 2 disabled spaces for 14 apartments are not enough.
* These types of development are slowly eroding the character of Broad Road.

We have the support of our local Labour Councilors who have already written to object and are keen to establish the views of the Sale Moor Ward Councilors, as many of their residents have children who use this crossing.

Send your letters of objection to: The Heading of Planning and Building Control, Trafford MBC, PO Box 96, Waterside House, Sale Waterside, Sale M33 7ZF before 26th January 2009
Ref: 74438/FULL/2009
Email: or comment online: