Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Trafford Conservatives issue a secret message to the Traders of Sale Moor.

Prefaced by the statement ‘for your eyes only’ Trafford Conservative Councillors issued a message this week to the traders of Sale Moor seeking to claim credit for saving Warrener Street Car Park. The message, in the form of a paper document, was distributed only to the businesses in Sale Moor. It stated that the Leader of the Council made the decision to preserve the car park, purely on the weight of public opinion against development. The decision to retain Warrener Street car park was announced by the Council on Monday 09.11.09. Yet the Leader, Councillor Matthew Colledge stated in an e-mail to THS, on 08.11.09, (the day before) that

My earlier comments remain: there are no plans for developing Warrener Street Car Park.

So, Cllr Colledge, what were you intending to do with the car park, before you decided to preserve it ?

You can’t have it both ways !

Either you were intending to develop the car park and you decided against it in view of the overwhelming public outcry.

Or you never had any plans, as you claimed in your e-mail, in which case there would have been no need to announce your decision that you had decided to preserve it.

Click here to read the "secret message"...

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