Friday, 10 July 2009

New Leaflets comming soon...

Last week we posted around 400 leaflets to the doors of the neighbours of the Sale Hotel; this only a drop in the ocean but it is a beginning to get the people of Sale aware of what is happening all around us. We will redesign the leaflets, put this internet site on them and aim to distribute these to a wider audience.

This Building is a part of Sale and lot of us connect happy memories with it. I think it is time to stand up and make a change how the interest of the people is handled!

Yesterday I was walking in Sale town centre and heard several people speaking about the proposal to destroy the building. I hope that this information will now go around Sale and that people will contact the English heritage (, our local MP and Councillor.

Please do contact MPs and councillors; don’t forget we voted for them, not the other way round. I am sure they are happy to help if we let them know our concerns and what is important to us. We all have a say in democracy if we want to.

A personal thanks goes to all the shop owners, who were so kind to display the leaflets in the shop windows.

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