Monday, 13 July 2009

The Secretary of State has agreed with English Heritage’s recommendation not to list the Sale Hotel!

Today is a very sad day, not only for the people in Sale, it is a sad day for all people in this country as we have been informed by English Heritage that the Sale Hotel will not become a listed building ( The main concern I have is that valued historic buildings are not being protected.

Generations to come will perhaps never have the pleasure of seeing a local building like the Sale Hotel, with character and flair, and will get used to buildings which look more like boxes.

Do we really want this?

We all can understand that there are particular rules and procedures that the English Heritage needs to follow to make sure that they only secure buildings which are important to preserve.

But my question is how can we protect buildings like the Sale Hotel if they can't become listed buildings?

We need to keep being vigilant and protect the interesting buildings that remain to make sure we do not lose any more.

As for the Sale Hotel please make your feelings known to the council in order to persuade the owner to keep the shell of the building intact.

Thank you for your support.

The Councillors for this area are:

Mrs Kathy Bullock

Mrs Pamela Dixon

Mr David Higgins

The contact for English Heritage is:

Tel: 0161 242 1400

Fax:0161 242 1401

The MP for the area is Mr Paul Goggins:

Tel: 0161 499 7900

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