Sunday, 18 April 2010

SAM 15 April 2010

Dear Editor,

In your report (SAM 15 April 2010) of the Planning Committee meeting which refused the planning application for 85 Broad Road, you quote Mr Titterton's comments alleging that I and my colleague Councillor Jane Baugh only got involved because of the nearing local elections.
His comments verge on the defamatory and are simply untrue. The fact is that the Priory Ward councillors have been in contact with the Council and local residents about this building for several years. It has been a source of concern ever since the owner left it unoccupied and open to vandalism, with the inevitable result that it rapidly deteriorated from a pleasant family house to a local eyesore.
The present application was rejected by a majority of councillors from across the political Parties. Rather than attacking the integrity of elected representatives, Mr. Titterton would serve his client better if he now tried to design a development that was acceptable to the Planning Committee and the local community.
Yours etc.

Cllr. Barry Brotherton

(Trafford Heritage Society is unaligned with any political party)

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