Thursday, 20 August 2009

Still no new news on the Listing

Letter from the Listing Review Officer, Heritage Protection Branch to Markus of the Save the Sale Hotel Campaign Team:

Sale Hotel, 131 Marsland Road, Sale, Trafford, Greater Manchester
Thank you for your e-mail of 17 August 2009, in which you ask for an update on the listed status of the Sale Hotel. Following the initial decision that the Hotel should not be listed the Secretary of State is currently carrying out a review of that decision. This resulted from the submission of significant new evidence as to the architectural and historic merit of the building. In undertaking that review the Secretary of State is further consulting English Heritage and taking into account evidence provided by other interested parties.
You may know that Trafford Council have used their powers under section 3 of the 1990 Act to serve a Building Preservation Notice (BPN) on the owners of the Hotel. The BPN was dated 06 August 2009 and has the effect of treating the building as though it were listed for a period of 6 months. This will allow additional time in which to carefully consider any significant new evidence submitted for the review of the original decision.
The outcome of the review will be either that the Secretary of State has decided to reaffirm the original decision, or that the Secretary of State has decided that the earlier decision should be overturned. I will contact you again when that decision has been made. It is not possible, at present, for me to predict when the decision may be made.
I was not involved in the making of the original decision.
Yours sincerely
Listing Review Officer, Heritage Protection Branch"


  1. To the Campaign Team,
    There's still a lot of uncertainty here.
    Who are these 'other interested parties' and what evidence could they possibly have ? The only interested party is the Campaigners. The developer wanted to knock it down and Trafford Council were prepared to let them.
    Let's not pretend this matter is over until it is over.

  2. Edmondo is right. We must keep our fingers crossed.
    The Listing Review statement implies that the Building Preservation Notice would stay in force for 6 months.
    Is this true ?
    Does Markus know if this is true ?

    Robin Glenn

  3. Hi Robin,
    unfortunately, if the Listing fails then the Building Preservation Notice will cease immediately, and not stay in force for the whole of the 6 months.

    Markus Pahl

  4. In the statement posted on this website on Tuesday, it said

    "There was discussion about the demolition of part of the Sale Hotel, by the developers."

    Does anyone know which part the developers were talking about ?
    Surely, the whole building is protected isn't it ?