Tuesday, 4 August 2009

We need your help!

Dear Friends,

By now you will be aware that the demolition of the Sale Hotel is imminent. The Campaign Team has made reasonable efforts to consult with the developers, but there is no evidence that they have been taken seriously. The response by Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council, who have the legal power to stop the demolition, has been one of inactivity and apathy.
We know we have the community on our side; in seven days, more than 1500 people signed the paper petition. The online petition, started only yesterday, has more than 250 signatories.
We are now calling for volunteers to come forward and help distribute leaflets and undertake other lightweight communication roles, because so far, we have managed with very few activists. In order to keep the community informed, we need more help.
If you are willing to assist with some of this work, and make a real contribution to the cause, please send an e-mail to


Thank you,

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