Thursday, 6 August 2009

We have a preservation order!

Trafford Council granted a building preservation notice this evening. This is fantastic news as it grants temporary protection to the building. We are grateful to Trafford Council for this intervention. We now need to convince English Heritage that the building should become listed so that the building can be fully protected. Your sustained support has been vital in getting this far.

Together we have made a difference.

In order to get this building listed, we need to ensure English Heritage is aware of the amount of local support for this building. We are grateful to the 66 people who have already written to English Heritage in support of the Sale Hotel. To anyone who has not already done so and would like to continue to support our campaign, we would be so grateful if you would contact English Heritage on 0161 424 1400 or by email:

If you haven't signed the 10 Downing Street Petition yet please do it now:

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