Thursday, 28 January 2010

Time to let the people speak (85 Broad Road)

"...The impact of the street parking would be significant..."

Gary Hinds


  1. I have lived on Broad Road nearly all my life (38 years) and have brought up 3 children of my own taking them to Moorlands and Templemoor Schools. The traffic is already a significant danger to pedestrians without more pressure being put upon it on the corner of Temple Road and Broad Road. The only suitable use of this plot is as a home for a family. Flats will generate much more on road parking and create yet another hazard of vehicles crossing the pavement.

    Karen Kemp

    Registered Childminder passing the house daily!

  2. Sorry all - but these are NOT flats.

    The planning application is for sheltered accommodation and is fully in accordance with Trafford Borough Council’s Development Plan including the Unitary Development Plan and Planning Guidance for New Residential Development (2004. The proposals are also appropriate in terms of use, scale, appearance and layout.

    PLEASE take time to have a look at the application before pumping words into your computer.

    The aspiration of the development is to provide elderly people in Sale with a place to live that is suitable for their specific needs, helping to ensure that the elderly residents of Sale can remain close to their family in a comfortable and familiar environment.

  3. This post by ‘Anonymous’ is quite irrelevant in the case against developing 85 Broad Road, and I suspect the writer to have a vested interest in the said development.
    The campaign against development of the old house has offered several good reasons why it should not proceed. Firstly, the development would cause an increase in the level of traffic visiting the site, secondly, near neighbours would be overlooked, and thirdly, the proposed development would not be in keeping with the other properties in the area. Splitting hairs between ‘sheltered accommodation’ and ‘flats’ does not advance the case for development in the slightest.

  4. Dear Anonymous (lovely sales pitch, are you an architect by any chance?)

    flat, noun. "A set of rooms, usually on one floor, used as a residence". Taken from The Concise Oxford English Dictionary

    Each of the 14 proposed "sheltered accommodations" comprises of a kitchen, lounge, dining area and one or two bedrooms with a bathroom. All of this over 3 floors. Am I speaking a different language? How are these not flats?

  5. Robin.If you have concerns regarding an increased level of traffic visiting the proposal, why don't you speak with the other campaigners who are asking for more cars?. You can't have it both ways.

    The nearby neighbours will be less overlooked if the architects had followed TBC's guidance on distance between residential accommodation. Give them some credit for balancing a very dofficult client brief and local authority brief. They have done an excellent job from what I have seen.

    On your last comment, the proposed development would be in keeping with the other properties in the area. take a walk around the site and adjoining properties. look at the vernacular and then look at the proposal. look at the materials and then look at the proposal. look at the boundary treatments then look at the proposal.

    Sheltered accommodation serves the people of Sale and one day, you may wish to make use of this type of accommodation yourself.

  6. Rachael. No I am not an architect. That I can promise you. I am a supporter of the scheme however. I would agree with you that there is no shortage of flats in the area but there is a shortage of suitable accommodation for those in their retirement years.

    I've been tracking the application and the negative comments from professional campaigners. For the elderley residents of sale, I hope the scheme is approved and I guess we'll find out soon.