Saturday, 10 April 2010

The application to build 14 retirement apartments on the site of 85 Broad Road was REFUSED at the 8th of April meeting of the Planning Committee.

140 letters of objection had been received and a petition of 453 names signalled to members of the planning committee the degree of community concern about the proposed development.
Compelling representations against the proposal were made by both Cllr Jane Baugh and Cllr Barry Brotherton, who have been extremely supportive of the campaign against the development, and by Rachael Lewis whose house adjoins the property.
A represenatation for the the proposal was made by Andrew Titterton of AEW Architects on behalf of the owner, Michael McHale of Maple Leaf Developments.
Cllr Jane Baugh drew attention to the fact that the existing house is unnecessarily in a poor state of repair due to neglect and this could have been prevented by the owner.
A very lively debate followed with members of both parties arguing the merits for and against the application. Some members felt that the development had to be a certain size to 'pay' for itself, however, the majority decision was that it was too big a development for the site, would cause unnecessary loss of amenity to the immediate residents, and that despite the late amendment to increase car parking spaces on the site, increased on-street parking would be a serious issue opposite the school and on this 'tight junction'. Much mention was made of the 140 letters of objection and public concern for loss of street scene. It was also hotly debated whether the industrial style external polished concrete frame to the building would be in keeping with the local area.
Despite, recomendations from Simon Castle, Head of Planning to Grant the application members voted overwhelmingly to REFUSE on the grounds of overmassing, loss of amenity and street scene.
On leaving the building the Architects stated that they will go to Appeal.


  1. just an update, the application was later approved at appeal.

  2. Well you can't say it hasn't been a bumpy ride! The house at 85 Broad Road is to be demolished next week but not by Maple Leaf Developments. After their resounding defeat at the planning committee, Maple Leaf made an appeal which was upheld and the planning permission for the flats was granted and the council decision over-ruled.

    However, Maple Leaf then sold on the land to Optimus Build who held consultations with neighbours and Trafford Planning. They quickly secured the site properly and painted the fencing to make it more sympathetic to the local area. They wanted to gain permission to build 4 houses on the site. This was approved at the Planning Committee BUT the plans have been thrown into disarray when the section 106 contribution jumped from £7,000 for the flats to around £63,000 for the four houses.

    We have been trying to help the Planning Department to see sense in waivering this contribution in this instance otherwise the development is once again uncertain. Mr Paul McSorley the owner of Optimus Build is adamant "I want to build houses in keeping with the area on this site". We hope you can too Paul! "Whatever happens, the house is coming down next week"...