Tuesday, 18 August 2009

We weren't invited to the meeting!!!

The Campaign Team is alarmed that a meeting took place late this afternoon, 18.08.09, at the site of the Sale Hotel, which included the developers, employees of Trafford MBC, local councillors, and the Member of Parliament for Wythenshawe and Sale East, Paul Goggins, BUT NO MEMBERS OF THE CAMPAIGN TO SAVE THE SALE HOTEL.

By chance, George Cogswell, of the Campaign Team, was passing by and was able to report a few observations, including the identity of those present.

There was discussion about the demolition of part of the Sale Hotel, by the developers.

No member of this meeting has been willing to disclose the content of the meeting, and no-one has given an explanation why the Campaign Team was not invited.

The Campaign Team is already disappointed with the performance of the Council on a number of points.

The Campaign Team was supported by 1500 signatories of the paper petition, 1700 members of the Facebook, Save the Sale Hotel group, and nearly 800 signatories of the 10 Downing Street petition.

The Campaign Team wishes it to be known that the inefficiency and lack of public consultation very nearly caused the demolition of the Sale Hotel and it is not apparent that there has been any change in Trafford Council's policy as a result. The Campaign Team invites all those supporters of ‘Save the Sale Hotel’ to register immediately dissatisfaction with the continuing mismanagement of this important matter.


  1. This is absolutely outrageous !
    English people have always respected democracy.
    What on earth does Trafford MBC think it is doing ?
    Let's boot these councillors out at the next election in May !

  2. This is disgusting!!!!
    So many people have shown undeniable support for this campaign.
    From the people spending 10 minutes to sign the on-line petiition, to the campaign team who have given up time and expense, and everyone in-between.

    This campaign has always been about saving the ‘building‘ that is the Sale Hotel, not the pub itself.
    If Trafford had not turned it into a policital game, this would never had happened. This was always about saving one of the only pieces of historical buildings left in Sale, not a way of winning votes.
    The real story of the Sale Hotel has never been mentioned in the press that I’ve seen, it’s always been about ‘Aren’t we a great council!”

    The final nail in the coffin was the headline in last week’s Messenger claiming ”We’ve won”. A preservation order is not winning at all, it is only the start of the process. The real headline should have read “I’ve won some more votes”. So now to go behind the voters back’s is outrageous!!!

    I am appalled!!!

  3. "Have Your Say"
    "Community involvement is the key to a strong Local Democracy, there are many ways in which you can get involved,"
    Quotation from the Trafford Council website under have your say tab.
    Until we can be sure that Trafford Council are listening are we to assume that democracy is under threat?
    Whilst this is a private matter between the building owner and the Council's professional officers in determining what can be physically done with the building and how the BPN and possible listings will affect future dealings, the management and lack of information knowing the strength of local feeling is a poor error of judgement. Openness in government.......... if it gets to a committee meeting/ Executive board meeting, that's when the campaign team can review and challange if necessary.
    Basically, until the Save the Sale Hotel team have sufficient funds to buy the building their influence could be small and their concerns merely "noted". Still....... keep up the pressure eh!