Saturday, 3 October 2009

More and more emails...

Thank you to all who have got in touch. We will try to reply to everyone as soon as we can but due to the volume, it will take some time.

"We are horrified at the thought of yet another supermarket moving into our area.Our local shops and PO at North Parade have been taken over already by Tesco (albeit under the name Onestop).As regular shoppers at greengrocers,butchers and chemist at Sale Moor we completely fail to see any need for a supermarket of any sort to move into Sale Moor.The carpark is frequently almost full so it is definitely needed.All it needs is some resurfacing work as the pot holes are getting far too large to avoid now!" - JRB and MRB

"I feel we can not afford to loose our community spirit in Sale Moor, as has happened in Altrincham. We do not need another large corporation supermarket as we have enough in Sale..." - HN and MW

"I have just read about the free car park at the above address and wish to register my protest at the possible loss of free parking.
In my opinion it will be one more step in the demise of a wonderful shopping area. One can only assume the powers that be have gone mad. Can they not see the affect this will have on the shops who provide a good alternative to the likes of Tesco?
Is there some underlying reason for the possible changes or is it me being suspicious?
Finally I have a final message for those responsible.- DON'T DO IT!!!!!"
- D.H.

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  1. I live in Sale, love to shop in Sale Moor, but if I had to pay for parking, it would make me think twice about shopping there.