Friday, 30 October 2009

People of Sale Moor!

The Leader of Trafford Council, Matthew Colledge, was quoted in the Messenger yesterday as offering a meeting with THS to discuss the findings of our petition and the overwhelming view in the village that there should not be redevelopment. His office offered today a meeting at the end of November. Trafford Heritage Society has declared this an insult to the People. THS is now asking the voters of Sale Moor to consider whether they are being well served by Cllr Christine Bailey and the Conservative Council.

- It is the Conservatives who have invited the redevelopment of Warrener Street car park, in the first place.
- It is the Conservatives who have failed to maintain the car park and the road leading to it.
- It is the local councillor, Christine Bailey, who has failed to support the campaign to save Warrener Street car park, and secure the long-term viability of the village.
- It is the local councillor, Christine Bailey who refuses to reply to e-mails and telephone messages from THS.
- It is the Conservative Leader, Matthew Colledge, who refuses to meet THS.

(Trafford Heritage Society remains unaligned with any political party)

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