Saturday, 3 October 2009

Trafford Heritage Society met with Cllr Christine Bailey

Trafford Heritage Society met with Cllr Christine Bailey, and other Conservatives this morning to discuss the future of Warrener Street Car Park and the prospects for saving the traditional shops of Sale Moor. Other interested groups were represented at the meeting, including the Traders, and the Sale Moor Residents. The Traders and the Residents are supporting Trafford Heritage Society’s Campaign to preserve Warrener Street Car Park as it is and to oppose the building of a supermarket in Sale Moor.

Is this recent move by Cllr Bailey, and the Conservative Party, as a cynical attempt to deceive the people of Sale Moor? The Conservatives control Trafford Council, and Trafford Council are in consultation with an independent company to develop the car park. The Council cannot do anything without the support of Conservative councillors such as Christine Bailey. This cynicism would be an insult to the intelligence of the people of Sale Moor.

Trafford Heritage Society is not aligned with any political party, but we strongly urge an immediate assurance that there will be:

No sale of the Warrener Street Car Park !
No charging for the use of the car park !
No new supermarket in Sale Moor ward !

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