Thursday, 29 October 2009

Trafford Council responds!

Our campaign receives Front Page treatment in today’s Messenger (click her to read it). The Leader of Trafford Council, Matthew Colledge says he ‘is happy to meet’ our campaign team. However, we are unhappy to report that no offer of a meeting has been made by Cllr Colledge. THS contacted his office again this afternoon to take up his published offer, but no-one could confirm that a meeting would take place.

If this is not bad enough, Cllr Colledge is quoted in the Messenger as stating that there are no fixed proposals to redevelop Warrener Street car park. However, ‘fixed’ they might not be but the Council has been secretly plotting to develop this site. This letter was sent to a number of addresses adjacent to Warrener Street last August.

It is our view that Trafford Council is acting in an extremely duplicitous manner with regard to the future of Sale Moor and we strongly urge our supporters to e-mail, telephone or write to Cllr Colledge immediately and ask for an explanation of the conduct of the Council in this matter and to demand an immediate assurance that the Council will abstain from any further interference with Warrenener Street car park.

Please use the following contact details for Cllr Matthew Colledge (click her).

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