Saturday, 3 October 2009

Wishes to make Sale Moor like Ashton-on-Mersey?

One could reasonably ask, we think, ‘is the Labour Party trying to get votes from lemmings ?’

This week’s Sale and Altrincham Messenger carries a story about our organisation and our campaign to Save Warrener Street Car Park in Sale Moor. The article, which appeared on page 7, also included a statement by former Trafford councillor, Phil Gratrix. Mr Gratrix is quoted as saying
“A lot of people I know want ….a supermarket in Sale Moor…...Ashton-on-Mersey has thrived ever since it got a Tesco and Sale Moor could do too.”
But on the Front Page of the same newspaper, there is an article about impending doom in the retail trade of Ashton-on-Mersey. Janet Curran, from the Village Barbers is quoted as saying;
“The mood among traders is terrible. We’ve already seen a massive difference in just a few days – there’s nobody in the village !…Trade is bad enough at the moment as it is, and the business rates are so high. We feel we’re getting no support from the council.”
The reason for this collapse ? Trafford Council has failed to sustain parking in Ashton-on-Mersey. There is no public car park in the village, and the private car park provision, on which the shoppers had relied, has now been withdrawn by the owner.

And Phil Gratrix wishes to make Sale Moor like Ashton-on-Mersey !

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  1. Sale Moor traffic congestion could be much better if traffic lights were installed on Marsland Road just as you enter the one way system. Anyone wanting to travel towards Northern Moor could avoid the one-way by joining the two way traffic past the Leigh Arms, missing out the one way. Anyone wanting to use the shops could still could. Traffic on Northenden Road travelling through the village could avoid the congestion outside the Holy Family Church and school by turning right past the bench opposite the bust stop. Thus making school starting and finishing time much safer.