Monday, 19 October 2009

Save 85 Broad Road, Sale !

This fine house was bought in very good condition, several years ago by a developer wishing to demolish it and build an extensive block of flats. Planning permission was refused and the owner has done nothing with the building since then. Lack of maintenance has reduced the old house from its former grand state to its present disgraceful condition. Trafford Council has done little to mend matters and is now considering demolition. Trafford Heritage Society is now calling on you to support the preservation of this house. Rachael Lewis takes up the story.


  1. Good morning,
    You may be interested to know that an planning application was submitted on 2nd December 2009 to demolish the existing house and replace it with apartments. The planning application reference is "74438/FULL/2009". The link to the application is below:

    Copies of the designs will be available on the website in the next few days.

    My opinion, for what its worth is that this application should be resisted at all costs.


  2. UPDATE:

    All objections to the application to build 14 flats with 7 car parking spaces (2 disabled bays) need to be lodged with the Planning Authorities by 26th January.

    You can lodge objections online at :


    Write to the Chief planning Officer at
    Planning & Building Control
    PO Box 96
    Waterside House
    Sale Waterside
    Tatton Road
    M33 7ZF

    Please also contact your local councillor's and your local MP.

    This characterful and historically important building will be demolished and replaced with flats !!

    Please review the plans and see how overbearing the new development would be and totally out of character. It will also set a precedence for developers to buy up large old buildings and leave them to rot until they get their way.

    We must STOP THE ROT !! - make your objections known to the planning authorities.



    Adam Burgess
    Local Resident

  3. The Council are serving notices outside the building this week which gives a small amount of additional time to object. We can only stop this if the council feel our pressure to resist.

    Write to object, phone your cllrs,
    ask them what they are doing to stop this!


  4. BREAKING NEWS - 26th OCTOBER 2011

    After 10 months waiting for Maple Leaf Developments to take responsibility for the site and its continual deterioration, we have heard today that 85 Broad Road has finally been sold to a builder - Mr Paul McSorley of Optimum Building Limited. Mr McSorley spent today talking to local residents and introducing himself. He has described his plans to gain permission to build 5 family homes on the original site and has no intention of undertaking the oversized flats that the government approved. He has already set the tone for amicable relationships with neighbours and residents. Subject to the correct planning approval he hopes to begin building in April 2012.