Monday, 26 October 2009

Trafford Council rejects our request for a meeting!

Trafford Heritage Society requested a meeting with the Leader of Trafford Council to discuss the overwhelming view of the People that Sale Moor should not suffer ‘redevelopment’.

Dear Cllr Colledge,
You may be aware that Trafford Heritage Society has
been running a rolling petition in Sale Moor to take soundings on Trafford Council's stated intention to regenerate the village. The petition which is still ongoing has now greatly exceeded the paper petition which we collected to save the Sale Hotel; as I write it has reached about 2,000 signatories. We have also published sequences of still images, e-mail messages, transcripts of our hotline calls, and short films all of which contain feedback from the People of Sale Moor.

The People have spoken on this issue and have dismissed out of hand the Council’s proposals. However, Cllr Matthew Colledge, the Leader of Trafford Council, has rejected our request to discuss the future of Sale Moor, in the light of the responses we have received.

"...Further to your recent email to Cllr Colledge, unfortunately an early meeting is not possible due to diary commitments."

This seems to us to be another example of the contempt in which the People are held by Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council.

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  1. If you visit the New Econonic Foundation website, you will find their publication 'Clone Town Britain' on the affect of supermarkets on communities. I think it may be of help to you in your campaign.

    S Taylor