Tuesday, 29 September 2009

It’s Petition Time Again !

After our success with the Save the Sale Hotel Campaign and the key contribution of the paper petition, the Trafford Heritage Society has launched a petition to Save Warrener Street Car Park. Sheets which supporters can sign, have been distributed to many shops and businesses in Sale Moor. And we will be distributing more to other premises in the next few days. Some shopkeepers are already reporting large numbers of signatories.

The text of the petition asks that you state your opposition to any proposal to ‘regenerate Sale Moor,’ and you require that the Council both resurfaces the car park and maintains the principle of free use.

There is now, little doubt in our minds that the people of Sale Moor do not want to lose their free car park, nor do they want the imposition of a large supermarket. What they do want is the vibrant mix of small and specialist traders, and a problem-free space to park. Please remember that the car park belongs to the people. Trafford Council is simply a representative body which acts as its custodian. The people will tell the Council what they are permitted to do with our car park. Also, please remember that the Labour councillor for Sale Moor has expressed the view that the car park should be developed, and the Conservative controlled Council is asking for expressions of interest from developers. So the only ‘friends’ of the car park are the members of Trafford Heritage Society.

The present stage in the campaign to save Warrener Street, will be a ‘rolling petition.’ This means that we will not put a closing date on it, but we will keep reporting to the people and the council, giving the number of signatories. This will continue until the council agrees to postpone indefinitely any proposal to ‘develop’ this important amenity.

In addition to signing the petition you can express your dissatisfaction with the performance of Trafford Council in this regard by telephone, by e-mail or by writing a letter to:

Cllr Mike Cornes (Conservative),
Executive Member for Economic Growth,
8 Exeter Road
M41 0RE

0161 748 2195

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