Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The art of demolition by neglect !

Lieutenant Colonel Newton, a resident of Timperley, gave his house, complete with works of art, and other collectables, and a substantial amount of land, to the people of his community.  His bequest placed a moral obligation on the local council to use the property for the purpose of arts or leisure. The house, called Watling Gate, is a Listed Building, and during the time it has been under the supposed protection of Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council, the art collection has been lost and the building has deteriorated to such a degree that it is no longer safe.

The Campaign Team has received a number of e-mails from Trafford councillors, not one of whom will accept any responsibility for the deplorable state of this fine house, not one of them is offering to find a solution to a problem of their own making.  Several have blamed the ‘other party’ for the parlous condition of Watling Gate.

This affair is a gross insult to the memory of a generous benefactor of our community, and the only culprits are the members of the Council, who temper inactivity with inter-party squabbling and incompetence.  It is not surprising that the Campaign Team have found on the doorsteps of the Borough, complete dissatisfaction with the performance of the Council, and absolute disenchantment with the main political parties.

One wonders whether the response in the community will be reflected in the next local elections.

The Campaign Team posted a film on the blogspot yesterday concerning Watling Gate which includes an interview with a lady who lives close by.

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