Saturday, 19 September 2009

Warrener Street car park

We have been alerted to plans by Trafford Council to “regenerate” Sale Moor. The Council has begun by asking for plans for the Warrener Street car park (the car park behind the car wash and shops on Northenden Road). Surveyors acting on behalf of the Council have written to those with premises adjoining the car park. The letter includes the following:

“Trafford Council has now determined to invite interested parties to submit proposals for this land. The brief for prospective development partners will be to give consideration to a scheme which will help to regenerate Sale Moor. It will also suggest that prospective partners consider the inclusion of further parcels of land as necessary for a viable and sustainable scheme to be developed.”

We have a strong suspicion this is “code” for an invitation for a supermarket that will involve compulsory purchase orders on some other buildings and ruin the thriving shopping centre that currently exists.

We are keen to preserve the busy shopping centre in Sale Moor, including the wide variety of individual shops. We would be grateful for your support.

You can help us by giving us your thoughts and comments so that we can send them forward to Trafford Council.

Over 80% of people we have spoken to so far wish the land to be left as it is i.e. a free car park (albeit with resurfacing work carried out!)

Thank you in advance for your feedback.
Phone: 07858 40 60 75

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