Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Warrener Street Car Park, Sale Moor - Campaign Latest

There has been an unprecedented response to our campaign to save the Warrener Street car park. Most people who have been asked, have said that the car park should be resurfaced, remain free to users and should not be developed in any other way. We found no appreciable support whatever for the building of a supermarket on Warrener Street car park.
We publish here several messages of support which we have, including the Wythenshawe and Sale East Conservatives Association.

"...In common with the majority of the residents, we would not be in favour of any development which spoils the character of Sale Moor Village.
Cllr. Christine Bailey and Cllr. Pam Dixon have advised their colleagues of the unpopularity of any scheme to remove the car park from Warrener Street, whatever the reason.
We are aware that many visitors choose to shop in Sale Moor because they prefer to use small, individual shops where they are offered personal service and they know where they can park..."
- Wythenshawe and Sale East Conservatives Association

"...I'd just like to say that Trafford Council should develop Warrener Street car park but only into a better surfaced and marked car park and that it should remain free. It helps to keep the community of Sale Moor alive. There is a thriving community there with useful shops - don't kill it off. The car park is well used - evidence surely of the activity that goes on in the shops and services there..." - P.C.

"...I am very concerned about the council's proposal to develop this car park.
As the car park is in the centre of the village it is well used by people who are going to the local shops and businesses. Without this facility there will be less people using the variety of shops and businesses and the centre of Sale Moor will suffer. This car park regularly has 50+ vehicles on it at any one time throughout the day..." -

"...I believe the car park is an essential local resource, and has helped Sale Moor to become a pretty vibrant shopping area, despite competition from the multiples in Sale down the road. Charging – no matter how little – discourages shoppers. It is an inconvenience. The amount of revenue is likely to be so small, I cannot see how it would be in anyone’s interests to go down this road. Certainly not the local traders who make Sale Moor a very agreeable place to shop..." - Gary McIndoe

The Trafford Heritage Society, having taken soundings in the community, believes that the exceptional and traditional style of retail provision in Sale Moor is well worth preserving. There are several excellent national chain supermarkets only a short walk or bus ride away in Sale Town Centre. If a chain supermarket of the size which has been proposed, were to open in Sale Moor, it is certain that the small specialist retailers would be forced out of business. And once gone would probably never be replaced. The members of the Trafford Heritage Society wish to support the people of Sale Moor by promoting policies which maintain a viable retail ecology of the existing provision. This means that there is room for the introduction of more shops of the type already represented in the village, but perhaps offering goods not currently available. What should be encouraged, we hear, is diversity. And the key to this range of shops is a free, central car park.

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