Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A scandalous betrayal of trust by Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council !

We now publish the Will of Lt Col Charles Newton who gave his house and land to the people of Altrincham.

I give to the Urban District Council of Altrincham in the County of Chester (hereinafter called the Council) all of my dwelling house and residence known as Watling Gate, Timperley together with the land forming the site.

I declare that the Council shall hold the said plots of land hereinbefore given to the Council upon trust for the perpetual use thereof by the public for the purposes of a park or pleasure grounds and for the purpose of exercise and recreation.

I further declare that the Council shall hold the said dwelling house upon trust to use the same or permit the same to be used for any civic purpose such as a branch library and a welfare centre and that part of my house may, if the Council so desires, be used as an official residence for one or more of the Council’s employees and the said dwelling house shall not be sold, let or occupied, by a private individual or private individuals."

The Last Will of Charles Newton of Watling Gate, Timperley on the 23rd July 1936.

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