Saturday, 26 September 2009

Introducing our Facebook campaign

Many friends of the community will remember our recent campaign to Save the Sale Hotel.  A significant player in this campaign was the Facebook Group, managed by Victoria Frankland.  So we have decided that an important element in our campaign to Save Warrener Street Car Park, in Sale Moor, will be a Facebook Group.  This will allow us to keep in touch with fellow campaigners and exchange information immediately.  It is vital that we utilise the most modern electronic means of communication, in defending our democratic rights.

We hope that supporters of the stated aims of Trafford Heritage Society will sign up to the Facebook group.

Although the Facebook Group has only recently been set up, there has already been a post complaining about mixed messages from the Conservative Party in Trafford.  WE republish the post here:

"What’s amiss with the Conservatives in Trafford ?
The Council (which is Conservative by a majority of about two-to-one) wants to ‘redevelop’ the Warrener Street Car Park in Sale Moor, despite overwhelming opposition from the traders and shoppers. But some Conservative activists; Cllr Pam Dixon, Cllr Christine Bailey, and James Callaghan are opposing the ‘redevelopment.’ Is this really the party which is posing to run the country after the next General Election, when they can’t organise themselves ?
And the Labour Party councillor for Sale Moor, Joanne Bennett has already stated her support for the ‘redevelopment’ of the car park. Throw them all out of office as soon as possible, is my advice. You can’t trust local politicians who belong to national political parties."

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