Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Campaign gathers momentum!

Messages are coming in thick and fast in support of our campaign to Save Warrener Street Car Park, Sale Moor. There is overwhelming support now from people wishing to maintain the free car park, with no other development except some refurbishment. We have taken soundings with the traders of Sale Moor as well as the community of Trafford. We note that other organisations, including political parties are now engaged in opposing development. The Trafford Heritage Society, remains unaligned with any political party, because we are fighting several campaigns elsewhere to save elements of Trafford’s heritage.
We publish here a selection of extracts from messages recently received at our e-mail address and our telephone hotline.
"...I feel very strongly that to develop the car park in any way would be detrimental to Sale Moor Village. Sale Moor has a thriving high street and in my opinion one of the reasons is the car parking facility at Warrener Street Car Park. Sale Moor boasts two greengrocer shops and two butchers. This is in contrast to Sale Town Centre which now has three supermarkets and no greengrocer shops or butchers.
Personally I prefer to shop at a butchers and a greengrocer rather than use a supermarket. I also use the other shops in Sale Moor and if a supermarket was built on the Warrener Road site I doubt whether some of the individual shops would survive.
I have always felt fortunate to have Sale Town Centre and Sale Moor close by and I have supported both. Don't ruin the character of Sale Moor. Resurface the car park, keep it free of charge and let the village survive and thrive..." -

"...After the mess that the council have made in Altrincham, where there are now so few shoppers that even the charity shops can't continue trading: they now have the brass neck to turn their attention on one of the few remaining oasis of real local shops in the borough.
Why does a thriving little shopping centre need developing?
Apart from filling in the potholes in the car park, and not charging us for the privilege, nothing else need be done.
Is the council so craven that anything that will generate money must be counted as good?
Development is not always synonymous with "good for the community", especially where the introduction of large retailers into small local shopping communities are concerned.
Why do the council want to penalise shoppers in the borough by insisting on paying for parking when supporting local businesses, when it is free to visit giant supermarkets?
This does not make economic sense.
Will they only be happy when all we have is homogeneous islands of retail heavyweights banded together in lacklustre "retail parks" where they can "milk" the business rates?
Or will they see common sense and let those of us who want to support local highstreet business do so without penalty..."
- "Very annoyed of Brooklands"

Telephone call received by the Trafford Heritage Society hotline at 14:45 on 24.09.09.
The caller does not have a computer, and was reacting to a leaflet left on his car in Warrener Street, Sale Moor, by campaigners for the Trafford Heritage Society.
The caller wished to register his objection to the development of Warrener Street Car Park.
He is a pensioner, resident near Washway Road, Sale, and drives to Sale Moor because it is a free car park.
But he also wished to emphasise his liking for the shops in Sale Moor, and is a regular customer of one of the butchers in the village.
He is apalled by the news that Trafford MBC wishes to build a supermarket on the site. He expressed the view that a supermarket would close the small shops down.

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