Monday, 28 September 2009

More and more emails...

We are getting more and more emails with thoughts and comments about Warrener Street car park. Thank you to all who have got in touch. We will try to reply to everyone as soon as we can but due to the volume, it will take some time.
Keep the emails coming though; it is important to have your views.

"I believe that there are plans to scrap the larger car park in sale moor. I feel that if this would happen it would kill the village as there is not enough parking as it is. Also if there are plans to build a supermarket then this will clearly destroy some of the small business in the village that have been there for a large number of years." - S.O.

"I would just like to say there is no reason that makes sense to change anything about this site !!! this Car Park has been there for at least 20 years !!!! I am an employee of a Local Recruitment... Northenden Road, Sale Moor, and this Car Park is much used of fellow members of Staff based here at this office also this would have a big effect on the Local Shops and the Community of Sale Moor" - H.S.

"Our village is very special and vibrant, and it is mainly because people who use the village can park their cars easily and freely. Like others who have commented earlier, Trafford Council successfully killed off Altrincham with its car parking policies, please don't let it happen to Sale Moor. When you look around the area we have very few empty shops which surely is a sign of a succesful trading area. Sale Moor does not need to be regenerated it is very successful the way it is." - N. H.

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  1. When friends and family come to visit, they always comment on how lucky we are to have the village, with so many good quality shops. They comment on how friendly the local shop staff are and how unfortunately where they live the local butchers, bakers and green grocers have all closed down due to the supermarkets. Our village is an asset, lets keep it that way